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The story of Sedona begins at a young age, as she has been immersed in music her whole life. By the age of 16, she had already attended over 100 live concerts by a variety of artists. This upbringing attracted Sedona towards music as an art. Her first instrument was the drums, which evolved into guitar, piano and other instruments which she taught herself how to play. She soon began songwriting and performing at various venues in her hometown of Spokane, Washington.  By her senior year of high school, she was voted “Most Likely to Win a Grammy” by her peers.


Her musical talent was further developed by her relationship with the band Train. Beginning as an avid fan, Sedona has subsequently performed with Train in concert several times at large venues throughout the United States. She was a featured performer on the 5th & 6th Sail Across the Sun music cruises, playing several sets to a very appreciative audience.  Her lyrics and presentation hit at the emotions of the listeners, alternately bringing heartfelt tears of sorrow, then smiles of understanding.

Her first professional recording is the catchy “Bottom of Your Bottle”.  This song, as is true of most of her recordings, comes from personal experience and is something people of all ages and genders can relate to.  She followed up this successful debut with successive singles, “I (Don’t Wanna) Miss You” and “Stay the Night”. The recording styles and contrast between these songs show her impressive range and musical variety.


Recently graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle, Sedona, at age 23, continues to improve musically while diversifying her style. Her musical influences range from The Beatles and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to Ed Sheeran and John Mayer. And, of course, Pat Monahan of Train.  She finds importance in writing lyrics that have deep meanings that people can relate to. She continues to explore songwriting in different genres including indie, pop, rock ,folk, and reggae on a quest to share her true musical spirit.

For 2022, Sedona has several new studio recordings.  You and your friends will be swaying to the beat of her reggae inspired tune “Flow”, which has sweet beachy vibes.  It’s a perfect mix for those warm, sunny tropical days and nights.  Then there is “Loved by Somebody Like You”.  A solemn yet romantic love song with strong choruses that will sweep you off the ground. 


“Through her accessible songwriting, clear and controlled vocals, and her willingness to put in the hours of work necessary, the future is exciting for Sedona. It’s odd to think about because sharing the stage with a band as big as Train would be a reasonable definition of success for a musical artist, but for Sedona that was only the beginning.” (Julien A. Luebbers, Spokesman Review 2021)

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